Thursday, August 16, 2012

100 word challenge As a fox

A nice frosty evening. Suddenly I hear something advancing towards me holding a long pointy knife. It looks dangerous. It comes closer. My first instinct, RUN!!! I bound around it and flee through the forest. There’s panting behind me. I’m huffing too... That thing’s got me pinned down. What now? It looks me in the eyes and incredibly lets me go.

I sniff the air. A small figure shivers on the ground. I’m unsure, but I still wrap myself around her. My bushy tail covers her face. The sun rises. A bell rings, I run off. Her relatives rejoice.


  1. Zara, congratulations! What a stunning 100 words! I like the way you are making amazing choices with the words that make the final cut! Well done!

  2. This is just super Zara! you have built up the tension that the fox must have felt and thankfully, it all ended well. I am looking forward to reading your writing on 100 Word Challenge when it starts in September!

  3. Wow Zara

    your story is very good


  4. Great Story Zara!
    Did you get some of your ideas from the movie clip?
    I like how you have use very good describing words and made the story interesting.