Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Panda Story 100 words –

I shuffle around my cozy den. Just being born, life is a challenge. I’m all pink and fluffy, a massive furry arm, a black and white face. My mother, I’m feeding on her milk for now, soon I’ll be able to eat properly. I’m already chomping my way through bamboo, stripping each leaf one by one. Some tall people come in. They are carrying a big pointy stick. I hide behind my mother. They come closer, they walk slowly around Mother and pick me up taking me away from her………….. Just take me back home to my mother. Pretty PLEASE!


  1. Zara this is a super story that shows you have a way with words. It reads very well and you have really painted a super picture for your readers of how scared a young creature must feel away from its mother.

  2. What a well-written piece. You've used lots of wonderful descriptive words to help the reader really "see" what you are writing about. The ending leaves me feeling sad for the baby and its mother.

  3. Awesome story Zara!
    I love your tagxedo too, wish I was there to make these.

  4. Hi Zara. You included some great details in this. I really like the way you described your mother just by her arms and face as these are the bits babies would be most aware of. Great piece of writing - well done!