Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Laura's 100WC

I'm a giraffe and I live in Africa. I'm at the water hole. The problem with me is, when I drink I have to split my legs apart. That's a pain. All of the sudden I hear a growl from behind a bush. I know in my head that it's a thirsty lion and I'm in his way. I really hope the lion and I can sort this out by talking. After lots of talking I managed not to get eaten. Now I’m really hungry that I could eat anything including a rock. After I eat leaves I fall asleep.


  1. Hi Laura, I enjoyed reading this a lot. I imagine that having those long legs would get rather tiresome when you have to get to something on the ground! I'm sure that a giraffe would think just like you described it :) Keep on writing.

  2. Great 100 word story Laura!
    I can see the Giraffe in the Tagxedo.