Sunday, August 26, 2012

All alone...

I’m all alone in this dirty old dump and all I want is someone to care for me once more but everyone loves their greedy non-stray cats. It’s frightening all day and night thinking that someone might run us over on the road and someone might kill or hurt us. I’m all abandoned in a dirty dump because I’m unwanted. I used to have owners and a cozy warm house until they got a greedy cat. When the cat moved in I was kicked out and now I’m a stranded, homeless, stray dog. It’s a dark and lonely life. It’s freezing all night and all I want is food and a warm cozy bed. When it comes to a time for food it is a mission because there is nothing to eat, so I am very skinny and all I am doing is begging for food. Of course no one gives me any because I am a dirty unwanted stray dog. All I can find to eat is a dirty half eaten sandwich in a garbage bag. Oh well, I’ll eat it anyway because it’s all I’m going to get for another month or so. It’s a problem trying to keep myself warm because I live in an abandoned dirty rubbish dump. To keep myself warm I have to go deep into the garbage. I have decided that it is time for me to go to my old owners and see if they still have that nasty cat. If they don’t they will want me. I have arrived at the house but there is a for sale sign up. Oh no, now how will I get a nice warm cozy bed to sleep in and how will I get some lovely owners to care for me. On my way home to that yucky dirty rubbish dump I get hit by a big truck. My paw is broken. Lucky for me my old friend pawsy saved me. Pawsy cared for me and my broken paw. 


  1. Awesome story Bridget!
    Why is yours a link?
    I love the bright happy colors in your Tagxedo!

  2. Hi Bridget
    I really like your story, specially how you've added a cat into the story not just a dog

  3. I like your story Bridget about you as a stray dog!
    Love your tagxedo!