Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bottle bivy rebuild (again!)

When the Ullrich aluminium Ute pulled up we knew what time it was.  Did you have an answer? If you thought bottle bivy rebuild time then you’re right! We had Zack's dad Corey make us a frame that was based on something that's one of a kind here in New Zealand. I bet you have no idea what it is and I bet you haven't seen it either. It's Dunedin's very own Octagon! Corey came in with the foundations for the double demolished igloo of milk bottles and when Corey Brought the steel frames in we saw that they were about 2 metres tall! ( too tall for us to reach the top that is!) Corey also gave us 250 metres worth of double sided tape. We got about 11 rows done in an hour. We got so much done we'd only need a few more days of work to finish it.

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