Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Fox.

As I slyly prowl through the woods, my ears prick up and a cheeky rabbit bobs past, I can see it in the corner of my eye. I swish my tail and my whiskers twitch in the cold winters air. My eyes practically glow, like balls of fire in the beam of the moonlit night. I stride on through the dark cold night, When suddenly a peculiar noise forces me to turn. I can sense danger in the air. Behind the shadows a stranger lurks waiting for the right moment. As I turn a forceful sharp pain strikes the back of my head. I hunch over and yelp in pain. But when I turn to see what had caused it nothing is revealed but the quiet, dark woods, covered in a thick blanket of snow. Not a creature stirs, not a bird chirps, there is an eerie silence. I am very tense now, I feel like I'm enclosed in my predator's hands, no escape. Then in a high speed flash of light a big net weaved together with wire is clenched around my shaken body. I can feel the wire digging deeper and deeper into my soft wavy white fur by the second. My whole body stiffens. It was no use fighting my captor, and I would be easily overtaken if I were to run. I am roughly picked up and thrown carelessly into some caged area I do not know of. We start to move and it is not a pleasant ride, its rough and bumpy. After one hour the vehicle comes to a sudden stop. I hear a door open and then slam. And I hear a series of footsteps clunking around. Then the deep voices of two men. "Right Denis, how much do you want for that ol' thing?" Asked Rodger. There is a moment of silence then the other voice replies "You name your price mate, and hurry on up with it too or that ball of fluff in the back o' me truck ain't gonna live much longer " Denis stormed impatiently, showing his rifle. Then the decision was made "Do ya want, uh, say 80 bucks for her?" This seemed to impress Denis and I was heaved out of the truck.

Can You spot the Fox outline?


  1. Michaela, what a wonderful narrative! I love so many of your phrases... "I swish my tail and my whiskers twitch in the cold winters air", Behind the shadows a stranger lurks, wire is clenched around my shaken body" paint very vivid pictures in the readers mind! Stunning! You are a very talented writer!
    Mrs K

    1. Thank you so much Mrs K!
      Can you spot the Fox?
      -Michaela :)