Monday, May 21, 2012


Note: a Beardog is an extinct creature.

These prehistoric mammals were the largest land carnivores to live in North America. 
They feed on the three toed horse. The three toed horse is about the size of a large dog and feeds on plants and grass.

This is what they think it may have looked like:

WHOOSH! As quick as a flash Dainty pounced lightly over the soft grass in the field after her small prey. She was positive that she was going to catch her foe this time, Santana, the "EVIL" Guinea pig, who had once again been trespassing on DAINTY TERRITORY! Grr, the rascal, Dainty thought to herself as Santana once again made it over to the other side of her backyard fence and cheekily poked her small slobbery out. Dainty snarled and swished around flicking her tail at the Guinea pig, but then Dainty turned her head again and replied "You, you, um , ah....... BANANA!" The Guinea pig stopped for a moment, thinking, then cracked up laughing so hard that she fell over, but she couldn't get back up because she had a stomach full of carrots and cabbage the spoilt pig! Dainty snarled, then said to herself "Oh man, I really need to work on my comebacks!" She sighed. "Yeah ya do!" Replied a chorus of voices from behind her, as a herd of wild-beast scurried off. Dainty started back to her den, on the way she took time to watch all of the playful dogs with their energetic owners playing fetch across in the meadow. Dainty knew better than to go to other side of the fence, it wasn't safe, that was how she lost her father.... HUMANS. The evil creatures, what's their problem? What did we ever do to upset them so much! Dainty thought to herself. She felt kind of lonely. This was really how she always felt, but she knew well that she did not belong in the big city, she belonged in civilization with the other animals. Besides she would probably end up in a zoo if she were to end up amongst people since she was the last of her kind alive. Dainty carried on to her hideout, a cave hidden by a large Willow tree. The branches hung low with the leaves covering the entrance.  The tree was old, and weather beaten with claw marks from Dainty who had been practicing her fighting skills. It was Autumn so the leaves formed a soft, cushiony blanket covering the dry crusty ground. Dainty peered around to see if she could spot anybody who may see her, she was often very cautious to keep herself secret. She had lately been found by Annie, Santana's owner and at a bad time too. Dainty was just about to make a meal out of the Guinea Pig when Annie yelled at Dainty, with a quick flash of the "puppy eyes" Dainty was easily forgiven. Now Annie ........................................................


  1. Guess who the "evil" gunie pig is!
    I like your story Michela
    What happens next

    1. Thanks Mia/Santana.
      I hadn't finished this but now I have.