Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Michael Mangan

On the 1st of May, 2012 Michael Mangan came to our school. We knew a few of Michael Mangan’s songs, some we didn’t know, so he taught us them. We got involved in all of the songs because some had actions.  There were parts to sing and some we just sang. I really thought he did a brilliant job! He asked if we had any questions. We had lots of questions and we learnt some amazing things!


  1. I wish I will be as good as him on the guitar one day.

  2. it was cool that we got to see some of his new songs that was awesome and he tried to make up a song which we just got hear it as really cool

  3. The last comment was Ciara

  4. Dear Room Six

    I think that your school was so lucky to have had Michael Mangan come in and teach you all some songs. When I was in primary school we had a visit from Arthur Dent (he wrote Hiwi the Kiwi) and we all sang along to the music. It was always fun when he came to visit.

    From your blogging buddy in Room 24