Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Museum Sleepover

On Thursday we went on our Museum sleepover. We were all very excited. First we went to the police station. I would not like to be in a cell because I thought it was really cold in there.
Then we went to Baldwin St and it was very steep but I did manage to get to the top and back twice.
We went to the SPCA for a tour and I liked the kittens the best.
After that we went to the 10,000 domino challenge at the early settlers museum. It was cool when all the dominos fell down.
Then we went to the museum and we did some activities and finally Discovery world. After we played in discovery world we went to get our sleeping bags, pillows and mattresses and set up camp. We had pizza for tea which was yummy. We went on a night walk and it was a little spooky, then we came back and had supper. Then we went to bed.
After breakfast we went to the butterflies and after that we said goodbye to our instructors and then did our last activity. We had to answer questions around the museum. After the activity we spent more time at discovery world. My favourite thing to do at discovery world was the electrical circles because the electricity was attracted to your hand.
When we left the museum we went to moana pool and the hydroslide was ours for 2 hours. It was really cool that our class were the only ones allowed on the hydroslide. When we all got out we went to a meeting room and did our performances. They were all very good.
Even though I didn't get much sleep and found the night time challenging I still had a great time.
Thank you Mrs K for organising anotheer sleepover for us.

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  1. Hi Thomas, What an awesome recount of our adventure. It was my pleasure to organise it all. I think it was a MAGICAL adventure. I am really not sure what my favourite part was! I enjoyed it all so much. It would be great if you get a chance to make a photo mosaic or photo peach using some of your favourite photos.
    Mrs K