Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Mother's Day Weaving...

Mrs K bought back a flax creation from her NAPP Hui.  It was made by Asih Bell, a Maori, Pacific and Indigenous  flax weaver artist at the Hui.  

Mrs K hung it up on our class wall.  She also bought back a kete which we have in class to remind us to fill our kete everyday with physical and mental challenges, spirtual and emotional challenges.  

When we were making our flax weaving it was able to guide us. We were weaving for our mothers with love. Mrs K gathered the flax.  We had to get the flax in the right place to start it.  We had to split the flax to weave our flowers.  We had a choice of flowers, fish, windmills, angels, or anything we could create with love for our Mothers.  We were very proud of our creations.  Our mums were surprised that we wove creations for Mother’s Day.  We hope you all had a wonderful day!


  1. Flax Weaving is lots of fun!
    But it s very tricky to do

  2. Mothers day flax weaving was alot of fun.
    My mum loved what i gave her