Saturday, May 19, 2012

Instalment three...

When we got to the butterfly Museum we put all of our bags down and had some afternoon tea. When we had all finished afternoon tea we got ready to do some activities with Heather our leader for the day. We went around in groups looking at lots of things in the museum. Then we did some activities. We had to come up with lots of habitats and write them down on our white board. Our group came up with heaps but when someone read out there anwsers they had all of ours so we had to cross them off . Next in our groups we had to choose a habbitate and dress a member of our group up in newspapper of a animal who lives there. We chose cliff live like hares and rabbits. We dressed a member of our group half hare and half eagle. He looked funny. When it was show time we had to talk about our creature and what it likes to eat. Some of the creatures looked amazing. Then next we went back to discovery world for a play and a look around. Some people were playing tag and some people were relaxing like me. After a while we met our night leaders Sam and Averil but Averil has to go home when we go to sleep. They said a few more minutes of playing then we will have some dinner. At dinner time we had PIZZA. It was so delicious. When we were all full we had to line up and we went for a night walk to look at a new creature that was not meant to be seen yet. When we were in the dark it wasn't scary at all. We got to a point when there was a big crocodile on the ground and everyone tripped over it. We sat down and Averil turned the lights on so we could listen to Sam. We looked behind us and there were two big moas but Sam wasn't too sure if this was the new creature. She told us about the moa. I learnt heaps from that, like where they used to live and how they became extinct. We got to look around at some animals and then Averil turned the lights of and we went back to have some supper and set up where we were going to sleep. For supper we had lots and lots of fruit. We set up our beds and put down our sleeping bags and pillow. We got our pj's on and brushed our teeth and she had to talk to us again. Then we all went to bed and she turned the lights off.

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