Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Annie the Chinese Fireball...

26th of January 1965
HI my name is Annie. Do you think my name sounds a bit cheesy? I do! So everyone must call me Anna. I look Scarlet red with goldy spikes. I live in a Lava mountain that bubbles feverously and sometimes blows and we have to get out sharpish. But don't worry about our house,  its lava proof. I can't fly very well yet, I sort of rock from side to side and in strong winds I'm absolutely rubbish. Well I'm better than that Bob Bilub, Fred Fang and Alister Annoy. They are my deadly enemies!

27th January 1965
Hahaha. Fred Fang fell off the Dream cloud at Flying time. He was showing off to Nancy Nil by doing loopdeloops and boom off he goes. A rescue guy had to go get him. (Personally I thought they should have just left him because he is such a prat it is not really a loss)

28th January 1965
Today I gave my friend Seamus a free ride. She said it was like a bumpy rollercoaster. We soared around everywhere. Around town twice and down to rocky temple and the end of the woody rainbow where demon unicorns live! But we had a shrewding suspicion Bob was following us. Usually we couldn't care less but we were not supposed to be there. (Demon Unicorns are deadly)

29th January 1965
Oh O mum found out about us visiting the woody rainbow where the Demon Unicorns live. She is shouting these words " You could of been killed" And I'm saying in my head well I'm alive aren't I?

30th January 1965
Today I went to the annual bonfire that happens each year. When we got there you could smell the burnt wood. We saw loads of my school friends including the Aussie Dreamer, the Alaskan Anbly the Hungarian Horntail and the Vietnamese hopper. We went around the little market shops seeing all the things you might be able to buy. First we went into a marshmallow factory where there were bags upon bags of yummy marshmallows to buy. I brought 10 bags to store in my sweet stash.

31st January 1965
Today I got bored so I went flying for some practice I went over the white hills to a quiet place called Swamplands. Not a very impressive name. Oh well. When I lied down for a quick rest POP out of the blue jumped one dog two dogs 3 dogs! ...

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  1. This is an AWESOME story I love it!
    I like how you wrote it sort of as a Diary.