Friday, May 18, 2012

Another exciting installment from Laura...

After the police station we got ready to walk up Baldwin St. All of our hearts were racing and we were prepered to walk up and down up and down. We all started of not tired at all but half way up the street we were all puffing and huffing. When we got to the top we got a drink from the drink fountine and started to walk back down. At the bottom we knew there was one more to go. This time I went up and down the stairs. It was way easier. After the Baldwin St challenge we all got in our cars and went straight to the S.P.C.A.. At the S.P.C.A we went to meet a lady who was going to talk to us about animals and how she got lots of animals. She also told us stories about puppies people found in a trash can and a rubbish bag. We learnt what you have to do to a animal to keep it happy. After the talk we got to look at all the animals. She said once she has showed where to go you can go around in your car groups and you can hop in the cages with them. I went straight to the cats and the kittens. They were so cute. I got to pick a really small kitten up. It was light. Then I went to see the puppies. I got in a cage with three and they were cute. One tried to eat my shoe lace. After looking at all of the animals we said thanks and went back to our cars a drove on down to The Settlers Museum. When we finally arrived at the Settlers Museum we met a lady. She said we can have our lunch in the classroom. After we had our lunch we got out six boxes of dominoes and stated making cool patterns. My friends and I joined together to make one big one. Once and a while the whole classroom was joined together and we were about to make them all fall down. Callum pushed down his starting point and the dominoes all started to fall down. It looked really cool. There were 10,000 dominoes and once they had all fallen down we had to pick them up and put them i colour coded boxes. There was one box and green,red, orange, blue,black and a box of yellow. It didn't take us that long to pick them all up. After the 10,000 domino challenge we were of to the Museum. We were staying the night.

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