Thursday, May 17, 2012

The most amazing adventure of all time...

All of Room 6 met in our class room and we were already to go for the most amazing adventure of all time. THE MUSEUM SLEEPOVER. Finally the day has come. When the bell rung we all talked about the museum sleepover and what was going to happen over the next two days. Mrs K said that we will be going to the police station first. We got in our car groups put all of our heavy backs in the boot and off we went for the start of our adventure. When we got to the police station we went down the long hallways and we finally got to our destination. Mr Ellwood chose six people to follow him and we carried on with the tour. Mr Scott lead us into a dark room and them the six people walked by and stood against the wall. We could see them but they couldn't see us. We talked to them through a speeaker on the wall. After the amazing one way window they lead us to the cell and the holding cell. They locked us in the holding cells.


  1. This is only the first part. There will be another part added this week.


  2. Wow this is a very interesting post i would love to hear the next installment of this. I am isaiahjams12 at I can also see you have many visitors maybe you could tell your students to help me out by coming over.

    ps i like you blog it is very nice thx