Sunday, May 13, 2012

Museum Sleepover

Day 1.   10.05.12
First we came to school and it was raining. So we had to do the rainy activities. First we went to the Police Station and found out about where they put all the criminals. They also showed us the police gear. Dave and Richard showed us all of this. Next they showed us where all their guns were hidden in the police car.
Then we drove to Baldwin St. IT WAS SO STEEP. When we got there we saw the man in the paper who runs up and down Baldwin St 30 or 50 times each day! How can he do that we wonder in awe? Some of us could only manage one. It was definitely a challenge.
We went to the S.P.C.A and Marjorie talked to us about the cruelty of animals and how to look after them.  Then we got to go around the pens and see all the animals.  We saw all the Cats and kittens, and Dogs and puppies. When we went past the pound dogs there was one who made a funny sad long howl. It was like he was saying 'Why? Why???' 

Then we went to lunch at the Early Settlers Museum for lunch and the Domino challenge. There was around 10,000 dominos. We stood them all up and linked them all together. Next we knocked them all over. It looked so cool!
Then we went to the Museum 


  1. Good work guys!
    The SPCA was very cool! :)

  2. WOW the mussem sleepover was so cool my best thing we did would be the night walk because it was so fun. Kaelen