Monday, May 21, 2012

Bean Bags...

Today in room 6 Mrs K had been shopping for new bean bags! There were 4 yellow ones, 1 big blue one, 3 blue ones and 3 red ones.  It was amazing!  Mrs K said that 16 of us could fit on all of the bean bags because there would be 4 people on the big blue one and one person on the other colour bean bags!
I thought it was a great idea because at reading time we could all sit on them and at EEKK time and read to each other! They were very comfy like a fluffy feathery pillow!
I love the bean bags becuase they are great to work with!

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  1. Yahoo Anahera, I was delighted to see that you were the first to write up about the changes in class. It was so exciting me for to see everyone come into class and see all the bean bags. What a MAGIC day!
    Mrs K