Monday, May 21, 2012

Animal story

One day on the Savannah a brave lion named Stomp (that's me) saved the whole pride from danger. I fought off the hunters from Russia, who wanted my fur to sell at the market for money to buy food. Back on the Savannah my pride desperately need food for our young. We find a carcass of a zebra that has died of thirst. Then I see a gazelle but I know its not in our territory. Then I look back and see a wildebeest in the distance.  So I slowly walk up behind it and I wait a minute then I pounce on it. I kill it then my pride run in to eat it.  We try to eat it all because we don't want any hyenas or wild dogs eating it.

1 comment:

  1. Jake, what a fantastic surprise I get to see your story tonight. I love the animals you have included in your habitat. What wonderful words you have used. I can really picture this scene - you have really painted the image with your words. Well done Jake!