Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Last night was Confirmation and Chelsea and Mia were ready! At the front of the church we got a pretty necklace and the boys got a badge each. Before the service the choir were singing beautiful hymns and we were standing with the alter severs and the priest waiting to go in. Each family had a row to themselves with a dove on it. When we were seated the priest  started telling us about the Holy Spirit. Then we had a blessing with the laying on of the hands and said our promises. After the blessing we went up with our family and sponsor one by one. The Bishop said our saint names and we had to say something after him. We read a prayer and the confirmation was over. We cant wait till our first communion. 


    How did you feel?
    What was the most interesting fact that you learnt about your saint?

  2. Hi Michalea,
    I felt kind of nervorus but excited.
    I did st.Lucy and the most intersing fact i learnt about
    her is that she had her eyeballs taken out as part of her torture
    for being christan.