Monday, May 21, 2012

The final installment from Laura...

When we woke up on Friday morning the lights turned on and we all had to go upstairs and have a breakfast. Our breakfast was so yummy. We had corn flakes or ricies. I had ricies. After we had our breakfast we got dressed and packed up our sleeping bag and things. We brushed our teeth and lined up ready to go to the butterfly house to see the beautiful butterflies. When we got into the butterfly house it was so hot but we knew it was worth sweating for. There was lots of pretty little butterflies flying around. We were all taking photos and videos of butterflies landing on us. There were turtles in the pond and fish too. Then someone spotted a massive moth flying around. After a while we went back to discovery world for our last play for the trip. Next we got our bags and got in the car a traveled to Moana Pool. When we got there Mrs Far handed out our lunches. We were all excited to hop in the pool but first we had to get into our togs. When we were in our togs we jumped into the pool and it felt so good to be in the water. My friends and I went straight to the hydroslides. We had to walk up a steep ramp and it went round and round. We finally got to the top and lined up and I went on the fast one and someone pushed me down but it was still fun. I was swirling and twirling round to the corners to I finally land in the pool down the bottom. After going down the hydroslides about 10 times I went back into the wave pool to relax and rest my legs from running up the long ramp. Then I saw that the diving boards were open so I went there. I jumped really high and did a massive bomb. It was really fun but then the bigger diving board was open. I didn't jump of that one. It wasn't that I was scared it was that I had sore legs. Plus I have done it before. I did a forward flip of it the other time. I think it is 3 metres high so it isn't that big. After that I went on the hydroslide a few more times then I got changed because my hands were getting all wrinkly. I waited until the rest of us were out then we went to the meeting room to have our lunch. Everyone was so hungry and it was great to have our lunch. After our lunch we got into some groups and we had to say "thank you" to the adults in some way. Janaya and I did a song and after we had done everyone clapped. After all the acts we went back to school. When I got to school my mum was waiting so I went straight home instead of staying for the last hour of school.

So that is the end of my great adventure.


  1. Laura, I have really enjoyed reading your blog updates. What a wonderful adventure it was for us all. Did you have one favourite memory or activity?
    Mrs K

    1. Yes I did Mrs K. My favourite activity has to be the Museum part because we got to play in discovery world.
      Thanks for the amazing trip.