Thursday, May 3, 2012

Golf Lessons

Today Room 6 had golf lesson with Melanie.
She taught us the basics to golf, like: When your ball is going towards somebody you call out “fore!” You hold your golf club with one hand down near the butt (the end of the club where the grip is) and point your thumb up, next you slide your other hand down and have both of your thumbs pointed upwards. She taught us how to swing the club slowly back and then forwards faster (but not too fast!) you want the middle of the face to hit the ball and if it hits the face the ball will go nicely up off the ground. Next we played a game; we got into groups of three, I was with Lorie and Thomas. Thomas started off first, and Lorie and I ran down to the other end of the field where the flags were.


  1. Was it hard too hit the ball

    By Zack

  2. I haven't finished! :)