Monday, May 21, 2012

My Animal

Once upon a time, at the end of the rainbow, there was a unicorn called Sparky. She had white fur and her mane and tail was blue. She was eating rainbow flakes in a bowl made out of gold. Sparky has a great personality and she is always nice to her friends. After she had finished eating she jumped of the rainbow and went down to the grass below to meet up with her friends. Her best friend is Quinch. Quinch is a ginger cat. When she found Quinch, he hopped on her back. "Ready for the ride?" asked Sparky. "I sure am" replied Quinch. Sparky flew into the air with Quinch on her back holding on to her mane. "Wahoo" yelled Quinch. Sparky flew over the forest. "It looks beautiful from above" said Sparky. Sparky loved flying. She had the wind through her fur and a big smile on her face. After a while of flying Sparky got tired and she wanted to have a rest. She landed on the ground with Quinch still on her back. " Lets go to my house" said Quinch. "Sure" answered Sparky. Quinch lead Sparky to a beautiful white cottage in the middle of the forest. " Who do you live with Quinch?". " My Mum who is ginger like me, my Dad who is black and white and my sister who is black and white". replied Quinch. When they walked in the door Quinchs sister came running to the door. " Quinchy your home" she yelled. " Sparky this is my sister Mable" said Quinch " she is two years old". " Hey Mable, im Sparky" said Sparky " I'm your brother's best friend ". Mable then ran away into her room. Quinch went to say hi to his Mum. When he found her he said " Mum this is my friend Sparky". " Is she 10 like you ?" his Mum asked. " Yes Mum she is and she is very nice because she lets me ride on her back". " That great Quinch" said his Mum " Now go and play". Sparky and Quinch went to Quinchs room at the end of the hall.

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