Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Joe the rabbit

My name is Joe the rabbit. I love to roam round in the tussock where I camouflage and eat the insects and bugs. I  have a friend called Rocky the cheetah, who likes to try and eat me. Lots of hunters try to kill rabbits, but we have our own weapons, big ears, a big nose and very good eyes. Those are our weapons.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t and we get out-smarted. We can also run like the wind. We dig burrows to live in. I made a very nice one that was so deep it took me a couple of days to dig. Then I put some straw in it for comfort. I have a family of four. I love them dearly. I hunt food for them to eat and we play family games like rabbit of cards. After we finish the games I send the bunnies off to bed. Then my wife stays back while I look for a new place for a hole. One night I was out and I heard a truck that had a bright light moving round and they spotted me. I stopped because I was startled. Then someone one got out and took a shot at me but fortunately it missed. I ran straight back to my hole. It was a rough adventure up the rocky hill to get to my hole. The bunnies where hungry and screaming for food. I had two options, one was stay there and listen to them scream or go find food. I chose to go find food, now it is pitch black I was scared but I knew I was doing the right thing. I found a few beetles and six ants. When I came back my bunnies were still screaming, but when I gave them some food they went quiet.        


  1. This is an amazing story Callum!
    I like how you explained how rabbits live and survive.

  2. next time i will not shoot a rabbit incase i shoot you