Tuesday, May 1, 2012



On Saturday very early in the morning my Cousin Lucah, Aunty Sharon and Uncle Craig came down for Lucah's 1st birthday! It was very exciting because I have never seen Lucah before and I have not seen Aunty Sharon or Uncle Craig for over 3 years! Lucah loves to blow raspberries and she also has her tongue out all the time because she does not have any brothers or sister she only has two dogs so she does what they do! We are having a special lunch for her birthday which is on the 5th of May!


  1. It is nice catching up with family.
    I don't see my Whanau much because they live in different countries or in the North island!

  2. That's really nice that you are going to see
    your family and your new baby cousin i hope
    you have a nice time.