Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Netball Rep Trials....

On Saturday we had some people watching us. We are Laura, Ciara, Michaela and Anahera and we got into the REP trials 2012. I was really trying hard to get in and I did. I feel like a great netball player now. When the time comes I will try my hardest and if I get into the team I will SCREAM!!!! – Laura

I hope I get into the team because it’s a really hard team to get into. I am so excited to try out and try and get into the team! –Anahera

I can’t wait until we go to the trials. I am nervous but very pleased that I have made it in this far. I feel so excited, and hope I do well enough to play in the REP team. I may not get in because there are some very talented players trialing. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

 When I found out it was really cool and I was excited. I could not wait.  I am really nervous. There was a lady at netball on Saturday that is from Silverstream. I can not wait until trials and I hope to get in. I will try really hard to get into the rep team.- Ciara  


  1. I am so excited!
    Hope that we all do well in the trails.
    P.S I love this photo!

  2. Hi guys,
    Great work on getting into the trials!
    Nice photo :)