Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life in the swamp...

"Hi my name is Riley and I live in the swamp with my friends Odin and Jenny. With Odin and Jenny I have the best time ever, everyday I rate it 10/10. This is what I do with my friends each and everyday. I play chase Jack (the Mouse) and Parry (the Paradise Duck). We also play Hide and Find. It is my FAVOURITE GAME EVER!!!!. I love it when it is time to go fishing because I usually catch the most fish but also because the fish are delicous. When we come back it is tea time so I cook the food. Jenny gets the table ready and Odin gets the water. For tea tonight we are having raw meat with over cooked vines and cooked perfect fish MY FAVOURITE! When it is bed time we get our wart hog pillows out and our Rhino skin blankets out. Once all that is out we get popcorn and a Movie ready. Tonight we are watching Dainty the bear dog vs Santana the Guinea pig. It is the best ever Movie because it is 5 star rating. I hope the Movie goes well. The Movie is sold at animated animals so sorry it will not be avalable to you if you are not a animal. After the movie we go to bed so Goodbye and Good night."


  1. I won right.....
    -Dainty the beardog.
    FANTASTIC story Bridget I love how you used other people's animals in it.

  2. Your story is real good bridget i like that you have encorparated in other peoples animals


  3. What type of animal are you?

  4. Hi Briget,
    What REALLY happens in the movie is that Santana the evil gunie pig outsmarts Dainty.
    I like the ending.