Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today we went over to the Rec. to play some golf. We met Melanie and she said to go and stand beside a flag. We had a church hand (left hand) and a fence hand (right hand). We picked up the flag and when she said church hand and fence hand we had to do it. Next we got into threes and she told us how to hold the golf club. First we had to hit a big rubber ball. Most of us hit it really far but some of us didn’t go too far. Once every one had finished hitting the big ball we took the cone off and we saw a tee. We had to put a tennis ball on the tee. It was sort of hard to hit. After that we were on to the serious stuff, the rubber golf ball. When it was my turn I tried to smack it but it was a swing and a miss. We all had several goes with the rubber golf ball.  When it was time to go we thanked her. I learnt quite a lot today about how to play golf.


  1. It was fun at golf. Kaelen

  2. Which was the easy one too hit

    By Zack