Thursday, May 31, 2012


I love GERMAN SHEPARD dogs they are so cute! I have a 5year old German Shepard dog called Sasha.She is a bit of a big mouth, always barking at someone or thing.
Sasha hangs around the lawn guarding (her territory) and waits for a bird to land nearby. Then she pounces up and barks at the top of her voice trying to warn the bird to back off.
As much as we love her she eventually does drive the family CRAZY! Sometimes Sasha even thinks that she will catch the bird they like to tease her by fluttering round and around.
But she will never catch a bird unless its already dead. I still remember the first tooth that Sasha lost, I reminded her that the "dog fairy" only comes to good dogs. The next morning she received a Schmacko (her favorite dog treat). She even got to unwrap her own Christmas pressie!

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