Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We were just sitting down for dinner when...

We were just sitting down for dinner when the captain shouts. “The ship has been sabotaged, she is about to blow up! Abandon ship. Help is on the way.” Mayhem erupts. Everyone rushes for the lifeboats. I stuff some food down my jeans just in case. I scramble into the last boat with my friends and family just in time. As we sail away the ship blows up, KABOOM and vibrates the sea so violently that we nearly capsize. We’re desperate to find land. We come across a peaceful looking island. All we need is to survive for a few days, or would it be weeks?

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  1. Brianna, St. John Vianney
    You are a great writer! I liked your use of adjectives in your story. Keep it up!