Friday, September 7, 2012

Room six dance

At room six assembly all of the girls did a dance. There were some fights but then we had only Friday to finish it. So then we had to get a move on so there was no fighting or we would not be able to do a dance.
Three people went on ski camp. They were Mia, Anahera and Michaela and they were in the dance and they were really good at the dance but they were kind so they helped us get the dance ready for assembly. But on Thursday all the girls had to do the dance in front of the boys. The first time it was not so good but on Friday we were better and we got the sign of happiness. So then we got to do the dance for the assembly. We were nervous but we practiced so then we would not be nervous. All of the girls wanted to do the dance first because if we were last then we might get cut off and that would not be good because we practiced for two weeks and all the girls would be sad.
The dance went well and all the girls liked it and everyone clapped.



  1. Thank you Brya,
    I think the fights were what ruined it.
    But sounds like you guys did fantastic anyway!
    Well done!
    -Michaela :)

  2. Hi Brya,
    I really enjoyed coreographing and helping you guys in the dance it was lots of fun. I'm glad you got thumbs up on friday!