Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bottle Bivy MAGIC!

Today we completed a very long journey.  It all began way back in term two when Mark Herring posted a picture of a bottle bivy online.  The collaboration began and we set off to complete the challenge....  We will share our timelapse footage soon....

Today we celebrated and we can't wait to bring the new learning space into play in our daily learning..... What do you think of the finished project?


  1. Hello Room 6,

    Earlier today, as part of Team 100WC, I was commenting on some of your stories and now I find myself looking at your magnificent bottle bivy. The inside looks a little like an Inuit igloo but, of course, they used cut ice to build them and didn't lids to colour the walls.

    Well done, everyone. :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. Fantastic work Room 6 (and helpers). Do you know how many bottles you have used?

  3. Hi im Joe from Biggin Hill Primary School I really like your igloo I wish we could do that.


  4. Congratulations on completing your bottle bivvy Room 6. It sure is a great structure. Happy learning in your new space.
    -Mrs Baines

  5. Hi ! Great to see the progess of the Igloo:) From Aaliyah,s mum .Christine