Sunday, September 16, 2012

100 W.C

Looking behind me I saw my brother stampeding down the Museum corridor, the exhibits tumbling.

A frightened look flashed across his face, he was pale.
"What’s up?" I asked calmly.
"I saw that, penguin..." He stammered.
"Came, to LIFE! It tried grabbing me!"
Mum walked in and questioned us thoroughly. I told her about the Penguin James saw, then we started giggling.
"What’s funny?" He asked.
" That Penguin is just a suit and was probably trying to give you a hug." Mum replied.
Eventually we were asked to leave due to the racket we had caused.

(Note: this isn’t a true story!)


  1. A very interesting short piece of writing. Thoroughly is a great word, it adds so much to the sentence. I wonder what the other visitors to the museum thought of the racket you had made.

    1. Thank you for your comment Chris,
      I'm sure the other visitors would be gobsmacked.

  2. What a brilliant piece of writing. It was very interesting as it went from scary to funny.

    Well done for using speech marks in the correct places.

    Amy :)