Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Drop, cover, roll...

Today we joined with people all around our country in the New Zealand Shake Out!  

The alarm sounded three short, sharp beeps and we...
dropped, covered and held!  We dropped to the ground wherever we were, and used one hand and arm to cover our head, eyes and ears and we held onto something solid.  

It felt really good because we know what to do if there really is an earthquake.  It felt weird because there wasn't an earthquake but it was good to practise.  It felt awkward being under a table but if there was an earthquake I am sure it would matter as much. It felt unusual because we don't usually have earthquakes down here.  

Check out the photos of us - we think we got it right!

We talked about what we would do if there was an earthquake at home.  We are going home tonight to talk to our families about what we would do.  We need to be ready!

We are also going home to get our kits ready in a safe place for an emergency.  

We talked about what to do when we are at sports practise, or the supermarket, or up the street, or out in the playground...

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