Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lorna the Lioness

I’ve just woken up and realized that my cubs have left the family den. I know that I need to go and find my cubs so I do. First I’m going to search the mud pit where the wart hogs live. I’ve arrived at the mud pit and I don’t see my cubs so I’m going to ask the wart hogs if they have seen my cubs. The wart hogs say my cubs went towards the elephants. I’ve arrived at the elephants and I don’t see my cubs. The elephants say that my cubs went to see the cheetahs so I rush to the cheetahs. I’ve arrived at the cheetahs and my cubs are not their. The cheetahs say that my cubs went to see the monkeys. I’m now at the vine playground where the monkeys live and my cubs aren’t their either. The monkeys said the cubs were not long ago there and that the cubs had a lot of fun swinging on the vines but they said my cubs went to see the rhinos so I’m heading their right now. The rhinos are very busy looking after the baby rhinos so I don’t expect my cubs to have stayed long here. I’ve just asked the rhino mothers were my cubs went next and they said towards your home. So I’m now running home as fast as I can. I’m in the family den and there are my children eating breakfast. My cubs even have breakfast for me. YUM!  

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