Friday, September 28, 2012

Rocket Fun.

Today on the last day of school Mrs K thought we would have a fun day. We already had a bottle, vinegar and baking soda. With the bottle there was a tube that held baking soda. In the bottle there was the vinegar. We had two attempts, they both failed. It was probably because we didn’t shake the bottle enough. Third time lucky? Yes third time is lucky. Mrs K held the bottle and shook it violently. When she let go of the stopper it burst all over Mrs K. That was the best part!


  1. Hi Im Joe and Im from Biggin Hill Primary School and I think your bottle roket project is awsome!!!!

  2. That sounds so much fun BHPS should try something along the lines of that! Gracie

  3. Hi, i've made quite a few bottle rockets at st marys before, and they fly really high, all you need is a bottle 500ml is better one cork or stopper, vinegar and baking soda, wrap the baking soda in tissue paper so the vinegar can't get to it, stick the cork in tight, make sure you wet the cork first give it a shake holding the bottle in your hand it will fly high.
    Now try and make a paper rocket which will go much higher, we made them as well.
    Kevin, after school care.