Tuesday, September 18, 2012

100 Word challenge

Looking behind me I saw the door shut instantly. I am afraid to go any closer because its pitch black. I felt something crawl up my back, I wonder what it is. Now I am scared. I am too afraid to go back to bed. There was a shiver that I felt. I call for help but no one woke up. I start walking and it’s like someone is following me. The window is slamming shut. I slam my bed room door shut. I am running to mum and dad’s bedroom and I am going to sleep there for the night, it is safer.


  1. Hello Aaliyah, I really enjoyed reading your 100WC entry! I love all the mystery and tension you have built up in your writing, leaving the reader asking questions and wondering what is out there in the darkness. It is also great that you have used some short sentences to create even more drama to the story!

  2. Enjoyed reading this again ! Funny reading about you running to mum and dads bedroom which is 2 steps away :)... Keep up the great work love Mum