Monday, September 3, 2012

Squash Tournament

In the weekend I went to Alexandra and I had a squash tournament. I played and won my first games and I got into the finals. I lost my game but still I came 2nd in my grade and I got 30 Dollars and I got into the reps.  We have teams of 3. I got a cup for my personality. I was so happy and glad and the cup was donated by my club. I was the second person to get the cup .  My Mum and Dad did not come with me. I went with some of our friends from squash. I was hoping to come 1st but I didn’t and that is fine. I still came 2nd and that is awesome to get 2nd in my grade. I played 15 year olds and the cup is gold. In the car I said to Mum, "it feels like I have a gold medal.” I was proud of myself.


  1. Congratulations Janaya. What a wonderful achievement. I hope you bring the cup in to show us sometime. Where do you play for your rep team games?
    Mrs K

  2. Janaya brought her cup in today. It is HUGE !!!!

  3. You should be proud of yourself Janaya - well done!!
    - Julie Farr