Sunday, September 30, 2012


I’ve recently married a man who has two small toddlers. The children and I are still getting to know each other. Then one day my husband disappears suddenly, leaving only this short goodbye note sitting on the piano.
Dear Clara, Bella and Julie 
I’m sorry 
So I must 
Love Dad.
The writing is a faded green and is not legible through the whole letter. I’m now stuck with two tiny problems. His daughters. The next day I’m heartbroken and I still don’t know why he left. My husband had tempers running high recently and then the boss finally exploded and fired him. But why leave...


  1. Dear Zara,

    What a fantastic story, so emotional. The use of the short sentences in the letter was brilliant. The emotion you have shown is very mature and extremely moving, well done.

    Mr Foster - Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

    1. Hi Mr Foster. Thanks for commenting on my story. Is it really hot in Bangkok? Are your pupils from lots of different countries since you are an international school?
      From Zara