Monday, September 17, 2012


Looking behind me I saw…. Big foot. Knowing I’m his entrée for his main course, I sprint away as fast as my long lanky legs carry me. It’s a rare sighting of big foot. Who was to know that when I was exploring the snow I would see a white hairy monster? I’m looking around to see if I can find a cave. The hairy monster is faster than me but I know it will get tired. I can just imagine my photo in the paper for finding big foot. I’m puffed. I have looked through the trees and I’m safe in a dark cave.


  1. Woohoo Laura, well done! You are entry 158 on the site!
    Mrs K

  2. Hi Laura, I enjoyed reading your 100WC. How excting it would be to come across a creature such as Big Foot. I hope you were able to snap a photo for evidence :)

  3. Hi Laura. I really like your story. It would be so exciting to be the person to find big foot!

  4. Hi. I think your story is briliant. I love the start especially.