Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time for a rethink...

Today we finished our bottle bivy - well almost, we just need another 28 bottles to finish the entrance way.  

For a long time now we have been reflecting on the set up in class and envisioning change.  The sun shone today and changed happened.  We emptied the class and started from scratch.... Oh the power of watching the learners reflect on each space, the furniture, the proximity, the light, the shade, the quiet.... and what a transformation we have made.  I can't wait to work in it for a day or two to see how well we have done with our options... 


  1. I like your igloo. I want to go inside it. from Alex

  2. HI I am Sam lambert and I go to biggin hill primary school and Is that your class room ? Do you have a playground? We have one for the y1 y2 and one for y4 y5 y6 (us).