Thursday, September 13, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to Sam - first 100WC published!

Looking behind me I saw...
...a big hairy three headed troll growling at me. I was about a kilometre into the mine when a pack of trolls break out and chase me. I find a cave and stay silent. I can smell a disgusting stench. Straight after that the whole herd of Hoofalumps fart after one another. These farts weren't normal farts, they were beyond loud and proud or silent and violent they were the two mixed. After a quarter of an hour I decided to make a run for it over the trolls. I wake them up. I sprint for my life to the entrance. When I get there I find the trolls have gone away, probably because of light.


  1. Yay Sam, I am so proud of you for being the first to get your story published and up on the 100WC site! I can just imagine the disgusting stench... I look forward to many more writing posts by you Sam!
    Mrs K

  2. Hi Sam, I'm quite sure I wouldn't want to meet these trolls; your description is very vivid and I have a clear mental picture of them!
    Fae Ms Breyley, Shetland Islands

  3. Sam,
    Welcome to the 100WC. Your descriptions of the (ahem) farts is great: proud/loud, silent/violent, and the mood you created was good. Keep up the great writing. (Ocean City, NJ, USA)