Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bell Bird

I am flying around and its morning. I land into someone’s house and I see a cat so I try flying away but he grabs my tail. So I thought I would die but then I flap my wings as hard as I can and the cat lets go but my tail is sore.  I have to fly away before it gets me again and after all that I need a drink. I can’t find water. It must be my lucky day because now it starts raining. So I get a drink and then eat food out of a rubbish bin. Now there’s nothing to do.  I fly back to my nest and sleep. It is evening and very hot outside so I fly around. I saw that house that I saw this morning. I go to their backyard and I can see a bird’s nest up in the tree. Seems no one was in there. I have a look and then there was a bird flying to it so I fly into there cat flap door and I fly around with the cat chasing after me again.  I saw a human with a net trying to catch me. I go out their window and I fly back to my nest for a big sleep. Before that I go get a drink and eat tea and now go back to my nest for a big sleep. I didn’t think it was morning but it was and I go see these other birds flying around.  I go catch up to them and they didn’t talk. I went to my nest and stayed there.

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