Tuesday, September 11, 2012


St Mary's Mosgiel is due to cross the road in the year of 2013.

Students of Room 6 and Teacher Mrs. K. took one last visit to their friend that they shared wonderful memories with, an old tree on the grounds of which the school is to move onto. The man there told them that the tree was to be chopped down due to the wood rotting away on the inside. Room 6 spent a beautiful Autumn's afternoon under the tree just simply playing in the leaves, throwing them around and making a big pile of leaves gathered at the stump of the tree then throwing them up in the air and watching them soar down. 


They then visited their companion a few days later before he was to be chopped down and gave it a hug. When they came back the next day the Tree was gone, but Room6 gave it one last hug even though he wasn't there.

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  1. Looking forward to see the new school getting built. Kaelen