Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Word Whiz

It was great that we were able to share everything we do when we are at Word Whiz session... I think it is fantastic that we can share our work with others who do Word Whiz... Word Whiz has been helping us with our spelling and hearing the sounds in the words... I like how I have been able to share Word Whiz with others... Word Whiz helps us with our spelling especially with -tion and -sion endings on words.


  1. Hi wordwizz

    I like your moviel
    and how you all talked in


  2. Hi Word Whiz
    I love the video.
    Do you learn a new word each every week?
    It is good that you get share how you are getting on in your work with each other.

  3. Hi word whiz group

    Its great to see you learning how to spell tricky words soon you will all be at a higher level.