Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The amazing race

The amazing race
Four teams of two will be competing for one million dollars. Every night one team maybe eliminated. They have to do events. Everyone has started racing. They have to go fly to Japan. It is 3am in the morning and they have all landed and now they will have to run to the castle and find a clue. Right, under 20 clues but there is one thousand seats.  The first team has come out and everyone else is still in there. Now every team is out and have got their clue.  It is now a road block and only one of them can do it. They have to ski down a course going in and out of the flags. They all have their clues. On this event they both have to throw an axe and hit the target ten times. They all took a while but they have got the next clue and have to go to the oldest ever Japanese building. Our first team is here but they also get a pass to go on a holiday and will also get to start earlier than the others in the final. Our second and third team arrive and are safe. Our last team is here and they have been eliminated. In this final they will have to do only three events but will it be their toughest. Our first team departs at eight thirty. They will have to go to the Japan international airport. They have all departed and are on the plane. They all find their clue in South Africa and now read it. They have to go through the biggest maze. Later they all come out of the maze. They will now have to ride a mechanical bull for 2 full minutes. They are on their last event. In this event they both will have to eat a medium sized spider. One team can not so it and the other teams have done it and are now heading to their pit stop on the top of a palace.  The other team's finished. Finally the first team arrives and win 1 million dollars.  But wait he gives them their next clue because they still have one more challenge. Our second and third team arrive.  They are so sad but he tells them that they still have another clue. Now this is a road block.  One person will hop onto a boat and will have to use a map and a compass.  They have all finished and surprisingly our first team arrives and that was the one that came to the pit stop earlier.  They were so happy. Our second team arrives.  They are so sad but then he said even though you came second I will give you 2000 dollars. They leave the race with smiles and money.  Our third team arrives they are so sad.  He asks them if you would like 1000 dollars for coming third.  So they also leave with smiles and money. I will see you next time on the amazing race


  1. Hi Mason
    I watch the Amazing Race Australia too. I thing that the Cops deserved to win last night. Who was your favourite


    1. my favourite people are sticky and sam


  2. Hi Mason I LOVE the amazing race too. Who was your favourite team and why.