Tuesday, November 27, 2012

King Midas

Once there was an old king. He'd heard that there was a god that could grant him his only wish. 

I washobbling to where the god is supposed to live. Up a very steep hill. "Olympus" I cried out. " Yes?" Replied Olympus. " what do you require?" I stared into the deep dark black eyes. " I want the power to turn everything I want into gold." It turned out that the god was a trickster kind of like a genie. But I had no idea at the time. " I will give you this power." A whoosh of gold sparks filled me making my fingers tingle violently. 

I was filled with joy at my new power. 
I went to my castle and went up to my room not touching anything. But I pulled my silver ring out and touched it. It instantly turned to gold. 

I was so happy. Before I thought about it I hugged her hard.  Before I had realized my mistake I'd turned my wife gold forever unless I could reverse the spell...

Keep Calm and Carry on.
Zara's world. 

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