Tuesday, November 27, 2012

King Midas

King Midas

I am king Midas. One day I was walking over a hill. I was so bored that everyday I was just walking around. But then I saw buttons on a thing that has words. I clicked Neptune and it only printed a picture of Neptune. So I saw a town. I ran to the town over a very big hill and wow it is Hollywood. I went up and a cloud that was a sheep said from now everything you touched this will be gold. So I touched that hill and it turned gold. After that I thought it might not be good turning everything in to gold. I call for the sheep cloud but it doesn't come. I walk around so sadly but now I hear a noise. I looked up and there it is. I say can I please not make everything that I touch gold. But it just disssapears. So I walk around trying not to touch anything. I accidently touch it but I doesn't turn gold but now I am sure I couldn't of touched it. It is so hard not to touch anything. But now I saw an Iphone5 and you were alowed to hold it. I think I very very wanted one iphone5. I walk past and I was crying . I saw something that I was like no way. I saw the newest ever cricket bat that you could hold. It would be 3hundred dollars in a store. I was very annoyed that I couldn't hold it. I couldn't resist it so I go in and hold the bat it didn't turn into gold. I was happy about that but I just remember I sprinted to go hold the iphone5 so I was like this is the bet day of my life. So now I can touch everything like I did. I thought I am the best person in the world and I lived happily ever after. The end

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  1. Hi mr (or mrs) nobody
    great story but you spelt best as bet in one sentince so next time you might want to make sure you press the button right... Oh and REMEMBER YOUR NAME!