Thursday, November 22, 2012

The fantasies of ‘The Clock Tower’

Once upon a time was a little girl in a little village living in a tall clock tower.  Day and night she danced gracefully to a smooth beat.
One day she glanced out the window. Multi coloured balloons floated up in the air. She wanted to explore the big wide world. She’d never set foot outside her tower before.
She stopped dancing and skipped out the front door in excitement. As she stepped out everything appeared to be frozen. The life and colour had been sucked out of the world.
She was scared and anxious. What had caused this abrupt turn?
She walked around the village. Everything and everyone was frozen, their profiles a dull, dull grey.
She brushed her hand lightly against the balloon thinking all was lost. To her amazement the colour and movement flooded into the balloon. “Strange” She thought to herself. As soon as she took her hand off the balloon it froze again and returned to grey.
She sighed deeply and trudged back to her clock tower not trying in the slightest to hold herself upright. Like she always did when depressed she slowly revolved on the spot. As soon as she started to dance in her tower the village and world came back to life. 

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  1. Wow, I just love your way with words, Zara
    Mrs D