Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I was taking a walk down the street when I saw an intercom. I ran to it. I
took a phone call. I rang a random number. All I heard was I will
give you one wish. I took a long think. I decided whatever I touch will turn
into gold!! I walk down a path. It into solid gold. I went for a swim when
the rocks turned into gold. I touched my palace it turned into gleaming
gold. I touched some dust in the corner it turned into gold. The corner
was beautiful. I went to bed. I touched myself. I was slowly turning into
gold. I got some water and put it on me. I ran all the way to the
intercom. I pressed the button. I took the wish back just before
it got my mouth. Everything was back to the same old place. The birds were
chirping again and the trees are blowing.

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  1. Hi mr (or mrs) nobody
    great story but PUT YOUR NAME!