Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aaliyah's limericks

There once was a girl called Aali
Who love to ride a Harley
She tripped over a rock
And had a big knock
So now she can't go to Bali

There once was a lady called Sue
And her favourite word was yahoo
She saw a cat
Gave it a hat
but tripped over a lump of poo

There once was a lady called Anne
Who met a very handsome man
So she asked for a kiss
But then he missed
So he actually kissed the van


  1. Very funny, Aaliyah. You were so clever at making up your own limericks !!!

  2. hi Aaliyah
    Great limericks you are great a making up limericks. they are very funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. thanks :p