Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Athletics day.

Athletics day.
Yesterday at Peter Johnson park we had our annual athletics day. First up was the long distance runners. We had great runners and even managed a second place by Laura. The. We were straight into it. First up we had High jump. I'm not sure what height it started at but I cleared it on my first go. And then the second and then it was nearly taller than me so I didn't have a chance. After we went to 75 meters. My dad came and watched me run. I got into the finals and came 4th just. Then we went to shot put which I was never very good at so didn't mind my one. Long jump. I didn't jump very long though. Yay, 100 meters. I got into the semi finals and abut ten meters from the finish line my leg started playing up. I battled on and came 3rd and had to race again which was agony. I'm not sure where I came maybe 4th or 5th. Discus went okay. After that I realized that I wouldn't be able to run in relays. So Alex took my place. Athletics was really fun and I had Great time.

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